iLLPHONiCS is more than a band, it's an identity. The five‐piece experimental outfit is comprised of not only each individual member, but an embodiment of their musical taste, upbringing, and outlook on life. What you get when you combine Larry Morris, Keith Moore, Kevin Koehler, Simon Chervitz, Chaz Brew, and Lena Charlie is a soulful concoction of hard‐hitting and real lyrics wrapped around a symphony of jazzy bass lines, sharp drums, clean guitars, and ever‐evolving keys. Each iLLPHONiCS performance screams a good time. Music that makes you both dance and think is a rare find.


Emcee/Lead Vocals / Larry "Fallout" Morris
Vocals / Lena Charlie
Keys/Vocals / Keith Moore
Guitar / Kevin Koehler
Bass / Simon Chervitz
Drums/Vocals / Chaz Brew